BenaGene Lozenges

benaGene Lozenges

$52 / month

An extra boost of oxaloacetate when you need a faster delivery or you’re on-the-go, containing the same benaGene formula loved worldwide. Now in an all-NEW Raspberry-Lime flavor! See Full Description

Patented Biotechnology made in the USA
Scientifically Developed & Investigated
Approved by Doctors & Health Professionals

How I feel in one word: ENERGETIC!

I began taking 1 capsule of benaGene per day in 2012 and haven't missed a day since.

Tom Kayaker & traveler, 75 years old

This compound deserves your attention

I’m convinced that this compound deserves your attention if you’re looking for effective geroprotectors.

Patrick Cox Renowned biotech investor and longevity researcher, author of The Methuselah Effect

My endurance is substantially increased

benaGene has allowed me to compete as if I am 25 years younger. benaGene is the best.

Renee U.S. Open Triathlon Elite Medalist

In my anti-aging practice, I recommend it

I have examined the science behind benaGene, and I am very impressed.

Mitchell Ghen, DO, Ph.D

Helped a lot to regain clarity

I suffered from mold exposure 2 years ago and I often lose focus or concentration. benaGene helped a lot to regain clarity.

Jay F.

I will be using benaGene in all my chronic condition patients

who are not responding to the usual mantra of diet, exercise, hormones, detoxification and stress reduction.

Frank Shallenberger, MD