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from Tom, kayaker & traveler

How I feel in one word: ENERGETIC!

As of this writing I’m 75 years old (born in 1943). My goal is to enjoy my passions as long as possible while maintaining a quality of life that enables this pursuit.

In the past 15 months I’ve hiked in Mt. Rainer National Park, North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park, Redwood National Park, Acadia National Park, and many, many more.

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I’ve played golf from Pebble Beach California to Kebo Valley Club in Bar Harbor, Maine. To list everything would take way too long, but you get the idea. That is, that I’ve had more than enough energy to accomplish my goal and I’m nowhere near through.

I began taking 1 tablet of BenaGene per day in 2012 and have not missed a day since. I’m no scientist so my testimony is limited to how I feel physically and what I can accomplish. That feeling can be summed up in one word, ENERGETIC. The only other non-prescription supplement I take is “Move Free”.

Therefore, I conclude that my high energy level is directly related to BenaGene.

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from an Essential Tremor Patient

After four weeks, the tremors gradually began to subside

I [recently developed] tremors in my hands and was no longer able to type on the computer keyboard, to carry anything without spilling it, to button my clothes, or to comb my hair. My handwriting was illegible and I had great degree of difficulty in holding to silverware and feeding myself.

After four weeks on oxaloacetate/Mg combination, the tremors gradually began to subside, allowing me to take a trip to Europe with my husband.

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The tremors continued to subside and were almost completely gone by the time we returned from Europe (beginning of August). I have now given up my Voice-activated computer program.

I am now capable of carrying a cup of coffee, can comb my hair and button my clothes.

My handwriting has improved and I can again type on my computer and drive. I am still continuing on the same Oxaloacetate/Mg therapy.

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from John

It gives me lots of energy, but not in an artificial way.

This stuff is amazing. It gives me lots of energy, but not in an artificial way. My naturopath put me on it several months ago - big difference in vitality, clarity.


from Dr. Mitchell Ghen

I have examined the science... and I am very impressed

I have examined the science behind benaGene, and I am very impressed. I take it, my wife takes it, and I give it to my dogs. In my anti-aging practice, I recommend it as an essential part of any effective anti-aging regimen.


from Cheryl

I felt great!

"Just to let you know, I started out on [benagene] [at a low dose]. Then quickly went up to [a higher dose]. I felt great...

Last week, I went back down to [a low dose], to see how it would affect me. I noticed a serious change (when I went down on the dose), in my cognitive abilities – my brain became more fogged again, I was not thinking as clearly, my brain lost energy, and I wasn’t thinking as quickly."


from Dr. Frank Shallenberger

I will be using benaGene in all my chronic condition patients

You can bet that I will be using benaGene in all my chronic condition patients who are not responding to the usual mantra of diet, exercise, hormones, detoxification and stress reduction.


from Randy

Mental clarity like I have never had before

Incredible results from this supplement you gave me yesterday! Energy to spare, mental clarity like I have never had before, positive outlook on life, mood is lifted beyond what I would have normally considered a great day!

And that I'm getting these results on a rainy day! I'm amazed! I've never had such a positive reaction to any supplement or medication...ever."


from Carrie

Everyone is amazed at his turnaround and progress

[My husband] typically would sit with his eyes closed and not initiate conversation or show any emotion. I discovered benaGene late last year, and he has been taking it since then.

We have noticed a huge difference! Now, he is always alert, he remembers names of people, and will talk with us, even making jokes! Recently, he showed emotion for the first time in over a year.

Read more amazed at his turnaround and progress. I am grateful we found this product, and wish others knew about its potential to help.

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from Doug

It has been a game changer

I’ve been taking twice the recommended benaGene for several years along with Niagen. It has been a game changer. Balance has returned. Energy levels are back. Even my singing voice returned. That wasn’t welcomed by others.


from Renee, U.S. Open Triathlon Elite Medalist

My endurance is substantially increased

"benaGene has allowed me to compete as if I am 25 years younger. It provides me with a huge competitive edge, as my endurance is substantially increased. benaGene is the best."


from Jim, Endurance Cyclist

Allowed me to ride faster with less fuel

benaGene has allowed me to ride faster with less fuel, by allowing me to push bigger gears and climb more effectively, even after 100 miles. I recommend benaGene for any cyclist who wants to increase their performance.


from C.

I could totally remember everything

"I took this product for a year and although I thought I couldn't tell a difference until we visited a place back east on [vacation], I could totally remember everything about it, even where to make turns, etc., to get to some of our favorite places!"

Oxaloacetate Treatment For Mental And Physical Fatigue In Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and Long-COVID fatigue patients: a non-randomized controlled clinical trial

76 ME/CFS patients (73.7% women, a median age of 47) showed an average reduction in fatigue at 6 weeks as measured by the “Chalder Fatigue Questionnaire” of 22.5% to 27.9% from baseline (P <0.005) (Likert scoring). Both physical and mental fatigue were significantly improved over baseline and historical placebo. Fatigue amelioration in ME/CFS patients increased in a dose-dependent manner from 21.7% for 500mg BID to 27.6% for 1000mg Oxaloacetate BID to 33.3% for 1000mg TID. Long COVID patients’ fatigue was significantly reduced by up to 46.8% in 6 weeks.

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Treatments Explored to Ease Post-Viral Symptoms of ME/CFS and Long COVID

Oxaloacetate is a major step in the Krebs cycle within the mitochondria that are depleted in patients with ME/CFS. Doses ranging from 500mg twice daily up to 1000mg three times a day were given for six weeks. Up to 33% of the patients with ME/CFS and up to 46.8% of the long-COVID group achieved clinical efficacy as measured by physical and mental fatigue scores, compared with just 5.9% of historical ME/CFS controls. All doses showed high significant improvements.

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The Long-COVID Treatment Trials Thus Far: Winners, Losers and the In-Betweeners

The early treatment trials for long COVID look very much like early trials of anything: they tend to be small, not very rigorous and can be sketchy statistically. Case reports are common. Quite a few came from the alternative health field.

Except for a couple of surprises, many will be familiar to anyone who’s kept a close eye on the chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) fields, which appear to be having quite an impact.

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Study: Oxaloacetate Reduces Chronic Fatigue and Shows Promise for ME/CFS

A news release from life sciences company Terra Biological shares the results of a study evaluating oxaloacetate for ME/CFS, as well as for long COVID, that showed immense potential benefits. During this study, those with long COVID received either 500 or 1000mg oxaloacetate twice daily; those with ME/CFS received either 500 or 1000mg twice daily, or 1000mg thrice daily over a 6-week period. Findings show that:

  • In those with ME/CFS, oxaloacetate treatment reduced fatigue by 21.7-33%.
  • Alternately, it reduced fatigue by 46.8% in those with long COVID.

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