Answers to common questions about the benefits of oxaloacetic acid, contained in benaGene.

About the Product

What is oxaloacetate?

Oxaloacetate is a naturally-occurring compound needed by every human cell to produce energy in the Krebs cycle. Proper levels of oxaloacetate are crucial for healthy metabolism, glucose system support, and overall cellular function.

Is benaGene’s oxaloacetate different from oxalate?

The active ingredient in benaGene is thermally stabilized oxaloacetate. While oxaloacetate in the English language sounds very similar to “oxalate,” the two compounds are chemically quite different. benaGene contains zero oxalates. In human beings, there is no known pathway for the conversion of oxaloacetate to oxalate.

Why is Vitamin C included in benaGene?

Vitamin C is included in our formulation as it serves to stabilize the oxaloacetate in our capsules. Before our researchers came up with this patented method, oxaloacetate was nearly impossible to even study, as it would degrade in the lab in mere hours. Now oxaloacetate can be provided as a stable nutritional supplement that has a two year shelf life.

What can benaGene do for my energy levels?

Mitochondria are the engines of your cells, and use a process called the Krebs Cycle to turn food and oxygen into the energy we need to live. Oxaloacetate is a crucial metabolic compound essential to the Krebs cycle and energy production.

Using benaGene to fuel your cells with ample oxaloacetate helps them create more energy, supporting your brain and body with the power to do more of what you love.

Can people under 18 years old use benaGene?

benaGene has not been tested in people under 18 years old. Please consult your licensed healthcare provider before taking benaGene or any supplement if you are under 18.

Does benaGene have any contraindications?

The only contraindication we are aware of is if you are allergic to Vitamin C, as benaGene (oxaloacetate) contains Vitamin C.

Does benaGene have side effects?

Many benaGene users report increases in energy levels and reduction in brain fog, without the jitters that accompany energy products.

A minority of benaGene users, especially those with sensitive stomachs, sometimes report heartburn directly after taking benaGene. This is often remedied by taking benaGene alongside a meal.

How is benaGene manufactured and quality controlled?

benaGene is manufactured in state-of-the art GMP facilities under strict quality control and environmental protection standards. Prior to product introduction, safety studies, including GLP toxicity tests, are run on our key product ingredients.

About Your Order

How long does it take to receive my order?

Within the USA, shipments typically ship within 2 business days.

Internationally, shipments typically may take up to 2 weeks to deliver, depending upon customs clearance.

What is the benaGene return policy?

benaGene offers a 100%, money-back guarantee for every customer’s first purchase. Just let us know if benaGene isn’t for you on our contact page and we will issue a full refund of your purchase. No need to mail back the bottle.

Any benaGene purchases beyond the first can be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase if unopened. We do not compensate for return shipping and do not accept returns of opened bottles. Please mail returns to the address below with a note that includes your full name, email address associated with your benaGene account and “returning for refund.”

Refunds will be issued the same or next business day after arrival.

Terra Biological LLC 6226 SE 15th Street Midwest City, OK 73110

How do I track my shipment?

We include a tracking number with your order details once your order has been processed. If you still need help, please contact us through our contact page.

Have more questions?

To learn more about benaGene, our parent company, Terra Biological, or any other questions you may have, please contact us.